Current Parish Prayer Time

Recent meetings with the Parish have indicated an uncertainty about how we move forward bold plans to empower the community to begin to make real inroads into the destructive injustices we see daily in our society.

No longer are we satisfied with sitting around discussing how we make our Parish run, church cleaning, altar servers, the SVP, UCM, children's liturgy, how we take the collection, who does the reader's rota and on and on. These are parochial matters and while each makes an important contribution to the day to day running of any parish, there are so many bigger and real issues that we need to address. 

We turned to Populorum Progressio, the encyclical letter of Pope Paul VI promulgated in 1967. This gave a powerful meditation on the development of peoples, on how the economy of the World should serve the whole of humankind and not just the few.The discussions were revealing and there was a recognition that there is so much wrong in the World. But how do we in Leasowe and Moreton influence that  wrong? 

Everyday, in Moreton and Leasowe, people go to bed hungry, families wait in terror because they cannot repay their loans at extortionate interest rates. Families cannot earn a living wage. 

Time we did something about it but how? 

Well, the first thing we thought about was trying to see and hear just what the Lord wants us to do, and be, and become.God wants to use us to make a difference but we are not always very good at responding to that invitation and so our Parish Prayer.

Please join in and pray this prayer ..... click here