3rd Sunday of Lent Year C

It is a strange World we live in where the fight for the top news story vies between the belligerent Mrs May fighting for survival in a battle with the other 27 countries of the EU, the tragic happenings in New Zealand and the disaster following Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Inclusion is the remedy for two of those tragedies while exclusion will be the sad consequence of the first.

Inclusion is the remedy for all these sad scenes we recognise in our world today. It’s an inclusion that embraces all and everyone, an inclusion that cares and understands and loves.

The problem is that so many side with a world that is rich in resource, that provides so many opportunities for profit. So the rich get richer with little care for those who are made poorer as a consequence.

On a day to day basis we destroy our planet, burn noxious gases all in the search for the percentage profit. As the poor get poorer, angry at the injustice, they fight back and anarchy becomes familiar on our streets.

Cyclone Idai, the massacre of simple people saying their prayers, are familiar sights. It is all our responsibility and we need to do something about it.

27 countries need to remain as 28 so that collectively we can accept responsibility for the centuries of damage we have imposed on the planet and its people. As a single unit, we can all exercise our freedom to put right wrong. 

Inclusion means we work together!

Just a thought!