5th Sunday of the Year Year C

Tomorrow is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, one of the titles of our parish. 

Lourdes is a place, in a remote part of France, that speaks volumes about the power that love has in the lives of peoples, and just how that can be channelled into healing, a healing that is physical, emotional and spiritual.

The inspiration is that of the Mother of God, the focus is on the Eucharistic Jesus, who feeds the hungry with all the love they need.

Someone once said that for effective healing of an individual you need to gather people around the sick person. In that gathering there should be someone who has the same disease as the one prayed for, someone who has been cured of the disease and most importantly, someone who who loves the individual who is sick.

In Lourdes, those people gather, day after day, to pray for healing, physical healing, for the many sick who travel to the shrine. That prayer is heard, the overwhelming love of God touches the sick and those who have care of them, and all are changed in the outflowing of God’s grace.

Not all who have sickness can or would want to make that journey to France.But that doesn’t mean that the healing they need is with held from them. Our prayer for those we love is always effective and always will be. Miracles happen everyday because the greatest miracle that we share is being loved by God who makes us and all things better. 

Just a thought!