7th Sunday of the Year Year C

Ron Rolheiser, in reflecting on our experience of life in the world today, highlights a “billboard” on the side of a busy road that simply stated “You aren’t stuck in traffic. You are traffic!”!

Isn’t that a truth that we, in our day to day lives, choose to ignore at best or pretend that it is wrong, when we are at our most delusional.

As Christians and moral people we are never a part of the major concerns that we moan about and are judgemental of, surely!

It demands a bucket load of humility to see through that false perception and begin to understand that the chaotic world, that so often unsettles us, holds a responsibility for us in the action or inertia of our daily lives. 

We can be eco warriors on a day to day basis until the evening when it is raining and we need to put the recycling out for collection.

Peace makers until we are irritated by someone, crusaders for justice until we are asked to make a public stand.

Good people recognise what is right and just, but they let themselves down from time to time.

So the bucket load of humility is of vital importance in our dealings with one another. Unless we see the biblical plank in our own eyes, how can we be compassionate to one another. It is this genuine compassion, this united resolve to make an improvement, that lets God make the difference.

We play a part in creating the log jams in our lives. Admitting it breaks down the barrier!

Just a thought!