4th Sunday of the Year Year C

A little bit of snow and ice and this brave country of ours grinds to a halt. How would we cope if it really snowed and froze for long periods as in other parts of Europe?

Ill prepared would be a suitable description that brings about such chaos. We are just not ready for such harsh conditions and when faced with the snow and ice we struggle. In Switzerland and Holland, it is the responsibility of the people in the houses to clear their own paths and pavements. In England we stand back and complain.

But there is a darker side to all this chaos. Ill prepared we may well be, but the impact of cold and icy weather is much more damaging than we may care to think. 

For children new snow is fun until they get cold and soaked and need a warm. But how do families cope with this when there is barely enough money in the household to feed a family and keep the heating to a minimum. Lots of families simply turn up the heat and keep it on longer. So many families just don’t have money to do that.

The sick, elderly and housebound look at the ice with fear and trembling. Its not just that it is cold, for so many it is impassible, too frail, too ill, recuperating it is too much of a risk to go out and too expensive to keep warm. They have to rely on others to bring shopping in for them. They need family and friends to make sure they are ok, a friendly face to lift spirits when there is no chance to go out.

Bad weather is inconvenient for most, a nightmare for others. Thank God if you can get out and about, remember those who can’t!

Just a thought!