6th Sunday of the Year Year C

We live in strange times, and in many ways seem to be going backwards in our care for one another. 

I can remember, as a young lad, being sent by my Scottish Grandmother to take a pan of soup to a neighbour because she was unwell. As children growing up, our mother would snd us to a neighbour round the corner to lace up her, what seemed to us as children, enormous boots to help her get around.

The community was important and people cared.

Now we face the real probability that our country will be separating itself from the rest of Europe at a time when we need to grow closer. People have mobility these days, a mobility that allows people to travel abroad to find work so they can feed their families. It is that same mobility that encourages the homeless, migrants and refugees to turn to our Country looking for compassion.

Caring for struggling people is something we have always been good at.

Mr Trump wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the USA at a cost of billions. Why not try to show some care for these people to help them out of the poverty that is the root cause of all the perceived problems.

Separation never works, prevention gives hope to people! By sharing the World’s resources more fairly, by lifting people from the destructive spiral of poverty, all can grow in hope.

Those are rich who know the compassion of others.

Just a thought!