22nd Sunday of the Year Year B

Pompous prayer seems to be back in vogue these days. Those who purport to run our liturgies seem to have taken a big step backwards from the Spirit of Vatican II. The Council put people at the heart of the liturgy and made liturgy a celebration of people within the context of the ritual.

Today, liturgy seems to be imposed with a poorly translated Missal and a groundswell concerned more about celebrating in a particular way than celebrating the life and experience of people.

Being able to celebrate Mass with 3 vested Deacons and 7 altar servers might well be the stuff of Cathedrals, its not the experience of Moreton or Leasowe on an Autumnal Sunday morning. And nor should it be!

It’s not the outside of the pot or pan that needs to be shiny and attractive, it is what is inside that we need to celebrate, heal and share with one another. Companions don’t need fuss, they need feeding, whoever they are.

When we gather to celebrate Mass we gather as a group of people trying to do the best we can. We bring with us our joys and sorrows, our faults and failings, the clutter that we create and impose on one another.

With Faith and Trust we support each other with the reassurance of the common Hope we have that no matter what we do or where we are at, God is always close loving us better.

It might not be pretty, but it is practical. Liturgy is God’s way of touching and changing our lives.

Just a thought!