20th Sunday of the Year Year B

Food, if you will pardon the pun, is top of the menu at this time of the liturgical year, as we read through St John’s discourse on the Eucharist at our Weekend Masses. It is put there as a time for reflection on the reality of the presence of the Living Love of Jesus in our daily lives and as a challenge to us to do what he asked us to do, at the Last Supper, wash one another’s feet!

Hopefully, this has not passed us by in the Summer holiday!

I was reading in one of the papers recently that a study on family eating habits has discovered what is self evident to all of us, that family eating habits have radically changed over the years.

For so many families the luxury of sitting together around a table to eat, is a distant memory. The routine of family life no longer makes that possible. People work different and longer hours, children rush from one activity to another, the tv is so gripping that families can find it hard to move away even to eat.

Gone, too, are the days when one family meal was prepared for all to eat, at the same time. Fast food, the microwave, the picky and peculiar tastes of individual family members can mean that not one meal is prepared, several are on the go, each evening.

What a shame! What is lost in all this is the time to be together, eat together, share the daily stories together. Companionship is about breaking bread together and we are fast losing that opportunity in exchange for a lap, a tray and the tele!

Maybe we cannot eat together all the time, but wouldn’t it be nice to think that at least sometimes, even once a week, the family sits round a table, shares a meal and listens to one another.

Just a thought!