19th Sunday of the Year Year B

It has been quite amusing, this past week, watching people arriving in church, starting to light candles at the St Anthony and St Therese statues, only to realise that they are not there. I have watched people come into church during Mass, ignore what is going on in the church, and stand saying their prayers facing the empty niches where the statues have stood for many years. 

In case you hadn’t noticed the statues have gone for cleaning.

We are creatures of habit, comfy in the cosy world of our day to day routine. How often do we seem to do the same things at the same time of day, every day.

While there is nothing wrong in that, what it does is cloud for us the realisation that things do change, people and situations have differing needs and the familiar can so quickly become unfamiliar. That is, of course, if we notice the difference.

Difference can so often be that “still small voice of God” calling out to us to respond, to help someone along the road, to feed someone with the love of God we receive, to be the Easter Jesus at that moment in time. With our heads buried in the cosy, our lives ruled by routine, the voice of God can so often be missed because we are not open to something new!

So “be aware of the signs of the times”, notice the difference and just see if it is a call to you to to alter your routine and in doing something different, bring God’s goodness into the World.

Just a thought!