16th Sunday of the Year Year B

The schools have now closed for the Summer break and we pray that all our families find some time to be together, enjoy a change of routine and stay safe.

This is also the time when the school staff also have that much needed break from routine and the opportunity to spend time with their own families. A time without the pressure of lesson planning, marking and finding the energy and inspiration to help your children grow in Faith, knowledge and confidence. 

But while we wish everybody associated with our schools a happy holiday, the reality isn’t rosy for everyone. Nearly 6 weeks is a long time for a family to be together and it simply does not come cheap to entertain young families. A trip to New Brighton on the No. 10 bus was fine when I was 11. Our young people want a little more these days.

For parents who are working, this 6 weeks can be a nightmare. It isn’t always easy to get time off work, so there will be for some families the pressure to find someone to look after the children and if family is not available another expense finding child care.

Again, for families that are broken for whatever reason, long holidays can be difficult, tensions can flare up and the aggravation can lead to distress.

It can also be a difficult time for the elderly and housebound. Certainly when carers take the holidays that are due and when neighbours, family and friends are away, the summer can be lonely. 

So, have a happy Summer but do keep a caring ear open. Not every house in the parish ids looking forward to the next 6 weeks.

Just a thought!