10th Sunday of the Year Year B

Some wise sage once said, “ Give me Christ, but keep the Christians out of my way!”

I suppose Church History has shown us, over the thousands of years of church life, how true a statement that can be. How much bitterness, anger, intolerance, rudeness and so many other negative emotions exist in our World and are sustained by people, all in the name of religion.

And the problem is that people justify taking so many rude and offensive stands all on the grounds that someone has to defend truth, that morality has its right and wrong and to be any less committed, be it offensive or not, waters down the truth and traditions of the church.

Well, that’s not God’s way and realising the frailty of humanity, that’s why we have the Holy Spirit in our lives. That’s why, too, we all need to examine our relationships in the World and the face of God that we present to people.

That is why we need to focus on the person we meet and not judge them for the way they dress, for the beliefs they hold or the stance they take. The lady “caught in the very act” was loved by Jesus, the prodigal son simply received the “tender kiss” on his return.

We are all people of the Spirit, but the question we ask is whose Spirit. If we are the angry defender of all that is truth, don’t delude yourself that this is the Spirit of God.

God’s Spirit shows above all, charity, peace and patience.

Just a thought.