Birth of John the Baptist

It has been a particularly dire  time for Good News in our newspapers lately! Mind you, that is becoming more and more the norm.

With so much sport going on you would think that would grab the headlines, but no. Mr Trump and his dreadful treatment of Mexican migrants is taking the lead, the sad fate of so many elderly people in hospital care in Gosport and elsewhere. Xenophobia, homophobia and the multi faceted abuse endured by people of all ages and gender, these are grabbing the front pages.

But what is it in our human psyche that seems to demand of us that we have to take the moral high ground when we hear of the mistakes of others? Who is it that makes us judge and jury? 

The misfortunes of others, no matter how misplaced they are or how challenging to our own standards, should bring out the best in us. They can become an opportunity to hold out the hand of friendship, to offer support, to be understanding, even to say a prayer.

Certainly, these are not opportunities to gloat, to spread condemnation, to encourage derision. 

It is a good job that there are people in our own lives who have been gracious enough to forgive each of us when we have had to face up to our mistakes. A comfort that people are not constantly reminding us of our inadequacies.

My Gran would have said “if you can’t say something good about someone, say nowt!” 

Just a thought