Corpus Christi Year B

I am a little fed up typing the long and confusing title we give to this feast day in the current calendar. What was the familiar Corpus Christi has become the Feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord.

Now, most of the time, I very much support the dropping of Latin titles, as they just confuse people, but this newer description goes a step to far. In trying to be liturgically and politically correct, the title grates a little and loses some of the mystery.

This feast is about our celebration of the living love of Jesus, available to us in the Eucharist, that allows us to have an intimate and personal relationship with God, moving us to share that relationship with others we meet.

This feast is about a conversation with another living person, whose love for us feeds and strengthens us, who leads and guides us along life’s paths and gives us the freedom to be that same Christ for others.

This is a genuine relationship of love for another.

Like the Beloved Disciple in that meal of all meals, we too can rest our head on the Christ of all love, and spend that intimate moment in His presence. A conversation without words.

So the long title really makes little sense. I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t have a relationship with the body and blood of anyone.

We all need a little bit of mystery in our lives, it keeps us focused. The mystery here is about why this God should love us so much, not the fact that God does, and why he uses us to wash feet.

That’s what the conversation is about.

Just a thought.