7th Sunday of Easter ... Year B

We have spent these weeks after Easter in an attempt to get into the skin of the Easter Jesus. Like the Disciples of the Gospel we are confused by the whole experience of Resurrection and even more confused by the Ascension. But with Faith we watch and wait, supported, as Mary and the Apostles were in that Upper Room, by that overwhelming sense that Easter has made a profound difference to our lives. We just need the confidence to watch and wait. God will speak, the Spirit will come.

But what are we to expect? While our lives are distracted by this hope, the World goes on around us with its confusions and contradictions. Where is the voice of the Spirit? ?

If we are expecting tongues of fire and doves, we will be sadly disappointed.

Inspiration is often about the moment we find ourselves in, the situations that challenge us and compromise others. Inspiration is that good idea that changes problems into something less threatening, the kindnesses that liberate people from their burdens, the courage that helps us face up to reality when others live in a world of pretence.Now is the time for action, to respond to the challenge of the Gospel. Wash feet and try to love the people we can’t stand and those who dislike us.

For those looking for answers, the answers will always be available. Trust your instincts, they are rarely wrong!

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.

Just a thought.