5th Sunday of Lent Year B

All good things have to come to an end as we, time and time again, have to face up to the realities of our day to day existence.

Holidays, times of relaxation, times of prayer and retreat can all seem to be Heaven on earth, for short periods of our lives, when we manage to block out the confusions and the contradictions, but sooner rather than later we have to face again the ordinariness of our lives.

True for us, it was true for Jesus. His days in the desert drawing to a close, the stark reality of the future began to have an impact on his life again.

The serenity that had marked out his desert days began to be replaced by the niggling, stomach churning physical symptoms of the onset of a nasty bout of anticipation!

The clarity of the desert began to give way to thoughts of “How”, “Why”, “What can I do” and the answers drifted in a cloud of uncertainty.

Jesus’ experience of the desert brought him closer and closer to his God, closer and closer to the understanding of himself and his mission, but close was not enough. Jesus needed certainty and for that he had to let go of everything and put his trust in God, unconditionally.

But that is never easy until we find those opportunities to rediscover just how much we are loved. we might have to ace some suffering, life might not take us to a place we would like to be. But God is always near, discover that and all will be well.

Lent for us is a brief respite from the spiritual reality we face every day. Facing up to God and ourselves doesn’t go away though!

Just a thought.