2nd Sunday of Lent Year B

Having a break, in whatever form that break might take, be it a power nap or a holiday away, that time is precious. Only then can we begin to relax and once relaxed it is so much easier to recharge our faded batteries.

That was the Christ of the desert, confused, wound up by the crowds that were so demanding, insecure about what to try to do next, desperate to fulfil his destiny.

And that is where the desert played its part. While his mind was all over the place, there was no real place for his body to go. Heat, cold, dark, light, that was Jesus experience of the desert and its rhythms were beginning to calm his soul. And while the distractions that recurred in his head were disturbing, it was so much easier to see a hope filled way forward.

For us, Lent is a desert in the midst of the frantic activity that makes up our day to day lives. What is the phrase that we hear so often, “not enough hours in the day’. We need to slow down that fast pace and find some time for ourselves. A time where there isn’t anything for us to have to do, a time when we can slow the distractions in our heads and give ourselves the chance of seeing in a real and positive way, the future and what it holds for us.

The sand is a reminder, but we need to make the effort, an effort that helps us to let go of the many destructive thoughts that we all have cluttering things up and make room for the voice of God.

Just a thought.