Our Lady of Lourdes

Sickness is, of its nature, destructive. It can and does have an overwhelming impact in our lives, demand a change in lifestyle and attitude and in it’s extreme take away the God given gift of freedom.

While that is certainly true of the person who is ill, in many more pointed ways it is also true of the ones looking on, partners, family and friends. For them watching another struggle, particularly one you love,is heartbreaking.

Where is God in all this?

Well the simple answer is that God is love and God is in all the love surrounding those we know who are sick. Family, friends, carers, Doctors, nurses there is lot of love there.

Love is powerful, it always heals and makes people better. Maybe it doesn’t cure people of their illness, that is the gift of selfish humankind, but people are made better by the love that surrounds them.

Remember last week’s thought, the lady, in hospital, in her dressing gown, holding the hand of the dying lady in the next bed to her. That calmed the lady, made her feel better and gently took her from her sickness into the arms of God.

As we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes I am reminded of the words of a hymn our children sing, which sums up Mary’s role in helping us to bring “it all” to God.

"You can bring me anything, you can bring me everything, just bring it all, bring it all to me!”

Just a thought.