Christ the King Year B

Comments in our papers this week concerning the appointment by the UKIP leader of a person, alleged to have promoted racist and homophobic sentiments, as an adviser, are a reminder to all of us of the distance we still have to go to empower a true Kingdom where all can live in peace and with justice.

We work so hard, particularly with our youngsters in school, to make justice, in its many forms, the priority for them, in their relationships in and out of schools. Sadly, it is the adults who show such poor example. Wouldn’t you just want to shake them by the scruff of the neck!

But its not all doom and gloom. After all we still have “Children in Need” and what a fabulous example these adult role model performers offer to our children. Their enthusiasm for the deprived child is a powerful witness and year on year, so many are moved by celebrities to do something themselves, to raise money for the charity, that the bar is moved up and the millions donated goes up and up annually.

The reign of Christ is about walking with, alongside and in the lives of those who suffer and struggle. Rhetoric never gets us very far, compassion, the physicality of caring, washing feet, that is what makes the difference. Doing something to make things better, that is what makes the difference.

There will always be those out there who abuse for their own advantage, who treat others with contempt and for whom Natural Justice is a toy to play with. But the goodness of God will always prevail, and Christ’s Kingdom is being established by those willing to put people first.

Just a thought!