33rd Sunday of the Year Year B

This is the time when the church begins to run down operations as it looks towards the New Church Year.

We are lucky, really, because unlike the secular World in which we live, the church isn’t distracted at this time by festive matters, it can focus on what is important to each of us now.

And what has this past year brought into our lives?

There will have been joys and graces that we need to feel gratitude for, and there may well have been sadnesses and regrets that we ponder trying to make some sense of it all.

There will always be one theme in our lives, though,  that can only reassure, the reality of God’s constant presence. 

While the gifts and graces are remarkable, what is even more remarkable is how we have coped with the pains and sorrows that cross our path. How we have kept going, sometimes grown, because of the harsh realities that life throws at us from time to time.

Often the November Lists bring back some of that sadness but, given time, the sad memories become joyful and the images we conjure in our minds do really make us smile.

That is always balanced by new life, be it the smiles of Grandchildren or the simple joy of feeling good!

To realise just how close God always is and to recognise in that presence the unconditional love that God has for me, is truly mind blowing.

Just a thought!