30th Sunday of the Year Year B

European churches are filled with reminders of obscure people who have been recognised for their sanctity. They lie in glass caskets under altars, described rather optimistically as “incorrupt’, their relics are housed in ornate reliquaries, and round the walls there are statues and large paintings to mark their existence. While these people and their activities are rarely currently familiar, it is good to know that their goodness is remembered.

But who are those who are in our lives, whom we know or heard about, those living and those who have gone before us, in whom we recognise goodness?

These are the people who make us smile, who warm us when we are cold, physically and emotionally, whose standards and principles are a constant reminder of the right way to go, whose love has made a physical difference to us and our lives.

We live with them and have lived with them. They meets in the shops, they are our neighbours, family and friends. But their goodness has changed us and our lives, in the ways we believe in ourselves and treat others.

Sanctity isn’t about recognition and acclaim, so often sanctity is the silent witness of others’ goodness.

So on the Feast of All Saints call to mind those people, precious to you, who have changed you forever, and given you hope and confidence.

.Just a thought!