29th Sunday of the Year Year B

How times have changed and changed for the better.

My Grandparents, who were faith filled Catholics, saw their life’s work as avoiding Hell. They worried about their mistakes and peccadillos and saw Hell as a real possibility.

To-day our focus has changed. Once we begin to understand God’s unconditional love then Heaven is more than a possibility. That should move us to want to contribute, to want to respond to the still small voice of God, to God’s inspiration. 

The Holy Spirit inspires because God constantly and continuously speaks to each of us as individuals. Easter People hear and respond.

But, the challenge is that God never simply moves us along one path, in one direction. God is constantly challenging us to respond to the signs of the times, to the needs of the moment, to the demands of the different people that we come across on our day to day journeys through life.

That is why each moment is a Grace filled moment that we can choose to accept into our lives or reject and ignore.

One thing that is certain, though, that the inspired having accepted the Grace filled challenge, are not exempt from struggle or suffering, as James and John were to discover.

Inspiration is not about privileged position, it is about service, and service is about a wholehearted commitment to the cause, whatever the cost!

.Just a thought!