26th Sunday of the Year Year A

My Summer holiday was disturbed when, on the road back to the French coast my Motorhome’s engine died! Thank God, I thought, I have recovery insurance and sure enough, after a 5 hour wait, we were transported into the local town and deposited in a small garage where the diagnosis was not good. In deference to the more pious reader, I won’t use the french word the mechanic used but it could be loosely translated as “the motorhome is going nowhere”.

Try getting a dog out of Europe without a vehicle!!!

To cut a very long story short, last Tuesday afternoon I watched as my Motorhome arrived home in Birkenhead on the back of a Dutch transporter lorry. What a relief. It just has to be repaired now.

In between, I have been in correspondence with the insurance company trying to agree on what I consider is the compensation due to me for the expense we had getting home.

I keep saying to the company that “that is unreasonable”, they keep replying that “ that is what is in the policy”! Stalemate!

I can’t help being reminded of last Sunday’s Gospel where the labourer who had worked all day in the heat of the sun said to the landowner “That is unreasonable” when he was paid the same amount as the guy who had worked just one hour.

We might often feel that we are worth more than we are offered. But in reality we get what is due!

Teaches me to read the Ts&Cs!!!

Just a thought!