24th Sunday of the Year Year A

Intolerance is a dangerous and, at times, deadly aspect of the human condition. It has many faces. Some border on the humorous, when the intolerance makes others laugh. But at its extreme, it is so dangerous. It is the driving force that makes individuals board crowded trains placing in the centre of a crowd a device solely designed to maim and kill. Yet another atrocity.

Society is quick to condemn such actions, less quick to address the cause.

Our day to day lives are fraught with intolerance. Whether this is the product of a misplaced ego, knowing that we are right and others wrong, or the pain of the insecure, frightened by situations that enhance the day to day fear, it is always destructive.

How often do we complain about people, about the demands placed on us and the misfortune we experience sometimes daily. When thing go wrong we often blame others, when we don’t like what we see or experience, it’s others fault. Our dislikes, our frustrations, our fears and worries are often about ourselves and how we perceive the world around us and the people with whom we come into contact. 

Intolerance is the incapacity to see the goodness of the world and when we fail to see the goodness we fail to see God in that world.

If you don’t like what you see, don’t moan, just look deeper and you might well see something there that could make you smile!

Just a thought!