14th Sunday of the Year Year A

June, July & August have always been considered a time when our media empires struggle for news, when the unimportant becomes dominant as the publishers seek to sustain their sales until the normality of Autumn returns.

This year is different. Bombings and the tragedy of an horrific fire have dominated the media and the search for people to blame has sustained the press coverage.  Every day, the faces of so many deaths a reminder of our vulnerability.

But how quickly those faces are archived away, replaced by the latest intrigue a hung Parliament brings, the cut and thrust Whitehall, egos tussling with egos arguing on the best way forward.

But then the Transfer Window takes over, our own Rom heading towards Manchester for a figure in excess of £90m, indecent wage demands and the stark reminder that this isn’t just a game of football.

Dominant news stories!

But, as ever, the unexpected happens. The smiling face of a determined little boy, Bradley Lowery, changes everything. This little boy, overwhelmed by his sickness will touch the hearts of so many and claim the headlines. This little boy, with months to live took the mega rich world of football by storm. He showed that world that the strongest are the weakest and his honest enjoyment during his last few months will certainly have an impact in the lives of many.

Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest!

Just a thought!