15th Sunday of the Year Year A

he closing of our schools at the end of this week, marks the beginning of what will be, for so many, the run up to a well earned holiday. Even the Parish Priest is beginning to spruce up the Motorhome ready for another long trek!

Holidays are a fabulous opportunity for people to get away from the humdrum experiences of daily life, with its demands and calls. It doesn’t really matter where you go, although a bit of sun is lovely, its the getting away that counts, getting away together. 

We live in a World where families are more and more divided. It is to do with work patterns, the long hours people have to put in to ensure there is employment and the bills are paid, the many jobs that people have to take on to make ends meet.

The sophisticated World of computers and social media also mean that families can be even in the same room together but remote from each other in their media conversations.

Holidays should put all that aside, even just for two weeks, so that parents and children can find time for each other, spend time with each other.

But we also need to remember, at this time, those for whom holidays are but a distant memory. The elderly for whom it is too difficult, the chronically sick who can’t travel, families who just can’t afford time away, angry families.

May this summer be a warm and happy time for all, time to enjoy the family. 

Just a thought!