4th Sunday of Easter Year A

The Lord has truly risen, that is the sentiment of Paschal time, the prayer we proclaim after a Triduum of solemn liturgy.

For so many, Easter makes little difference, a time for flowers and Easter Eggs and the friendly greeting, but little alters in the normal rhythm of life’s journey. And yet, this moment in history, the dramatic actions on Golgotha, changed the whole of our life’s expectations. Yes, Jesus died on the cross and yes, to-day He is risen.

But Easter does make a difference and it makes a real difference to each of us.

By dying Jesus destroys death, by rising he restores life, and that is the gift offered to all. He gives us the freedom to be ourselves in the World and not try to be anyone else. He makes our hopes and aspirations real and the dreams tangible.

But more! Joined now to Christ, by a bond that cannot be broken, we have become what we have received, and our every action, great or small, can be those of the Christ.

Easter gives us the courage to look forward, knowing that the fullness of God’s love waits for each of us with open arms.

But love comes with its responsibilities, for love is a two way relationship. God gives us the fullness of love and we, in return, need to love as he loves, unconditionally.

So, enjoy the freedom that Easter brings but remember that this gift of love demands that we wash the feet of one another.

Just a thought!