6th Sunday of the Year Year A

Things are beginning to come to a head as the disciples and friends try to come to terms with the message of Easter, its impact on their lives and impact on the World.

One minute they were so happy following, watching, learning, listening and then he was, so brutally taken away from them. Next he appears, alive and free from the tomb. He laughs and jokes with them, feeds them.

It doesn’t make any sense to them, but they know that this is going to change their lives.

So, how do we react to those life changing moments we all experience in our lives?

These are those joyful and powerful moments that challenge us to take enormous steps. Falling in love, recognising a career path as a way forward, a caring vocation, offered an important job, buying the first house..... so many challenges.

These are the sadnesses and struggles too. Sickness and death, the breakup of relationships,  these are the times when everything seems to go wrong, days of fear and anxiety. 

Good or bad, happy or sad, we need to make sense of all that happens in our lives and that can be a real struggle. 

The disciples show us a way, though. Wait, watch and pray and the goodness of God will be revealed.

Just a thought!