Passion Sunday Year A

Jesus' time in the desert allowed him to face up to the demons that had troubled him throughout his life. These were distractions that took away his focus on the fundamental work he had been given to do. These challenged his freedom to give himself to God.

Now as he walks into Jerusalem those demons come back. The demon that, having "shown"  all the kingdoms of the World, tempted him to stay and allow the enthusiastic crowd to take him away to make him "King of the Jews". Very tempting indeed.

Their enthusiasm was tangible. Their cries of adulation, hosanna, hosanna, encouraging. The waving of palms hypnotic. But he found the strength to say no, I cannot stay, tempting though it is. To stay is limiting, the Kingship specific to the Jews.

No, what he was born for, given for was not to be King of the Jews but to allow his kingship to liberate everyone.  On Friday he must "throw himself down" from the height of the cross into the arms of his loving Father and bring all humankind into that tender kiss.

Just a thought