3rd Sunday of Easter Year A

As with the disciples on that long and weary road, we look for Inspiration at this time!

Like the Apostles and friends of Jesus, we are often confused about just where Jesus is in our World.

We see and hear so many horrible things, even the people classed as good can take advantage of their positions and all in all, society fails to recognise the Risen Lord and fails to be inspired as Easter People, to bring the healing love of Jesus’ presence to those who struggle.

That is why Jesus had to be so demonstrative. He walks on water, calms storms and makes his human body available as a reassurance.

He does the ordinary things, is part of their working lives, shares their breakfast as a way of reassurance, to say to the Apostles “Do not be afraid, I am with you”.

That is where we can find him too! In the day to day and in the ordinary, for it is there that Jesus wants to show us how close he is and how easily we can bring God’s love into people’s lives.

Like the Apostles and Jesus’ friends we need to have a sense of the absence of Jesus from our lives in order to find the urgency of our need for Jesus. 

These days before Pentecost are ideal for just that. Recognising our day to day struggle but with an openness that looks to God for a way forward. If we trust that he is near, the Easter Jesus will make his presence felt.

Just a thought!