1st Sunday of Lent Year A

For Jesus, this period of his life, this time of isolation in the desert, was one of great peace. Great peace tinged with moments of fear and fright.

So much was running through his head. He had experienced all the joys and sorrows of life, seen the highs of people’s expectations and the lows of their selfishness. He had healed, made people better, seen life and death. Acclaimed and abused, nothing had passed him by and not even fifty yet!

But here, in the desert, there was nothing but sand. An opportunity, even just for moments, to lay down those heavy burdens, those insecurities that soon were to make his heart bleed with fear, and simply share time with his God.

How we all need such time. There might not be people out there wanting to catch us out, wanting to do us down, watching for us to fall and fail, it just seems like there are, sometimes! 

We can be so overwhelmed by the things of our imagination, so burdened by the pressures of each day, that we fail to see the truth of our existence.

Jesus shows us the way, in the desert, alone with all that sand, that imagination. Anticipation is so destructive. If we want clarity we need to focus on the now, and here and now I am loved, unconditionally, by God.

For us everyday might not be a party, everyday is an opportunity though!

Just a thought!