3rd Sunday of Lent Year A

Isn’t it lovely that we can see the beginnings of the new Spring. The days are getting longer, bulbs already sprouting and there is a sense of newness, anticipation in the air.

I have always thought that bulbs are a very peculiar source of such lovely flowers. Not pretty in themselves, nothing remotely like the beauty they produce, and yet they achieve so much.

But they do take a pasting!

No manure for them, no tender loving care. Shove them in, randomly, hope for a good frost and watch and wait.

It’s as if the bulbs, with all their warts and wrinkles, thrive in the dark, find strength from the silence andgrow because they are left to their own devices.

But are they!!!

God’s creation is wonderful. Its about the overwhelming care and unconditional love of God. Not restricted to the rich or the clever or the sincere. Creation touches everyone of us and moves us to the worship of God.

Fields of Bluebells, snowdrops, daffodils are a timely reminder of the beauty of God and just how available that beauty is to all.

By dying He destroys death, in rising he shares with all of us the beauty of life.

Just a thought!