5th Sunday of the Year Year A

It is only just February and the daffodils in the front garden of OLOL are not just poking their heads through the ground, they are about to flower. Not simply the sign that Spring is on the way but a stark reminder that our World is unhealthily warm and the damage that our lack of stewardship is doing to the planet, so visibly apparent.

It’s a shame that the new leader of one of the richest nations on earth doesn’t seem to get that message.

The Sermon on the Mount last week set the Agenda for who Jesus is. It is how we need to live in the World to make that Living Love effective.

Third on this list are those who mourn, not just for other human beings but for the planet in which we live. “ To mourn is to feel the loss that occurs when our environment deteriorates, when rage replaces reason in society, when war becomes the normal means of conflict resolution”. [R Rohr & others]

To care for the World and its environment isn’t a Gospel imperative, it is part of who we are, part of the agenda of God’s love, a love sadly denied to others in the destructive race for profit.

Our papers this week are suggesting that in parts of our inner cities, people will have to start wearing masks to protect them from the toxic pollution building in those areas. 

The daffodils might be blooming but they won’t survive for long in the atmosphere made so poor by the greed of so many.

Just a thought!