6th Sunday of the Year Year A

Bernadette Soubirous was poor. So poor that her parents could not manage to feed her properly. She contracted Cholera as a child and suffered from asthma. Her parents, a miller and a laundress, fell on such hard times their large family was forced to live in a one room basement in a former jail called Le Cachot.

Bernadette and her family were the poorest of the poor whose only possessions were poor health and worry. At the age of 14 she began to bring people to the Eucharistic Jesus.

The Sermon on the Mount two weeks ago set the agenda for who Jesus is. It is how we need to live in the World to make that Living Love effective.

The priority was the poor who, having nothing, appreciated everything and for whom Grace opened their lives to the Kingdom.

Bernadette, inspired as she was by the wonder she saw, began a journey that has seen so many millions of people drawn to the healing love of Jesus. Lourdes is a place where people are held in that love and fed by that love, to return home filled with Grace.

Being poor has it’s advantages. When we are always needy then we are grateful for every gift no matter how small. But it also leaves us open to sharing those gifts with others.

Those truly poor do not hold on to what they have been given but give to others in need.. ….

and theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Just a thought!