2nd Sunday of Advent Year B

We are told, constantly, that vulnerability and weakness go hand in hand. We are advised to have the strongest security protecting ourselves, our homes, our computers, our bank accounts. We have so many passwords and code words securing our property that we have to write them down to remember them, making their value obsolete. 

Don’t, society tells us, make yourselves vulnerable otherwise people will take advantage of you.

Advent, however, and in particular the many prophesies of Isaiah, see vulnerability as a positive way forward. The eccentricities of the lion and the lamb lying together, the risk taking in preparing a way for the Lord. The Chosen People have experienced the most extreme torment in their journeying, why should things turn for the good now? But what else can they do, at their weakest they have nowhere else to go.

Advent reminds us that to move forward, to fulfil our potential, we sometimes have to recognise just how low we can get, just how vulnerable we have become. Often there is only one way out, and that is to take the risk and simply let go and “let God”!

Vulnerability relies on trust and trust is the essential link we have to the overwhelming and unconditional love of God. 

That is God’s message and gift to us, particularly in Advent. Trust totally in God and that love will keep us close. 

The World thinks us daft, but do we care? 

Just a thought!