1st Sunday of Advent Year B

And so we begin another New Year, a new church year, and, unlike the festivities on the 31 December, there are no fireworks here, no lavish parties, the new church year will creep quietly in.

And maybe our society could learn something from that, because as the new year arrives we begin again to focus on what is really important to each of us, the gift of God, God’s simplicity.

Our New Year is a reminder of our reliance on God, God’s gift and God’s redeeming love.

And just maybe we need to take this opportunity to reflect on the love that touches us every day. It is a love that we choose to use or not. To feel its warmth or freeze people from our lives.

New Year, new beginnings. Maybe there is something in our lives today that needs healing. Heal it as best you can. Someone who isn’t feeling the love, love them, even if that is difficult for you both.

Like the desert of Lent, Advent isn’t a time for doing, it is a time to stop and take stock, to realise just where we are on our life’s journey. Once we get some clarity then we can work out what to do, to leave the dead wood behind and look to new freshness with hope.

So, today, the wreaths appear on our altars once again. Another reminder of the newness God brings.

Advent talks of our worth, that God made us and is pleased by what is seen. Our response should be gratitude!

Just a thought!