3rd Sunday of Advent Year B

I was heading back to SH from Arrowe Park on Friday morning in time for a funeral. Getting to Arrowe Park from the motorway was bad enough, but that was nothing compared to the gridlock at the Sainsbury’s roundabout. I certainly had an eye on the clock!

It’s all down to Christmas Shopping, that sense of panic that hits so many people at this time of the year. Its that nervous desire to ensure that our homes are filled with festive goodies so that all can enjoy Christmas and worry about the calories in the New Year. 

Underestimation isn’t a major concern! 

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not just being miserable about festive fun. Families gathering with food and drink can be magical for young and old. 

But do spare a thought for those who won’t have that magical experience as Christmas approaches . 

For many the pressures to buy presents, food and drink can be too much of a burden. The Payday Loan people will be laughing all the way to the bank. 

But there is also the elderly, the sick and the housebound, young parents with infant children. Those separated by work, war or imprisonment. Those whose lives, on a daily basis, are lived alone. 

Let’s not forget them at this time. 

If you know someone who might be lonely, pop in and wish them well. Plan ahead and you could make someone’s Christmas Day very special. 

Just a thought!