Christ the King Year A

Maybe the notion of “Kingship” is a little archaic in our experience to-day, but it does, for some Christians, symbolise one interpretation of “Church” as governing from on high, correcting our misdemeanours and ruling with a strong hand.

That doesn’t help those struggling with a faith or lack of it that sees the increasing violence in our societies, the horror of starvation, famine and greed which for so many confirms the absence of God in our World.

There is a better image of God’s presence though!

That picture is of God as the “Great Allower”. A God who, despite the efforts of so many, people, cultures, religions fails to prevent God from allowing. God lets tyrants succeed, and lets me make mistakes. God does not even enforce his own Commandments.

God’s total allowing of everything has in fact become humanity’s major complaint.

But this generosity on God’s part, highlighted in the Parable of the labourers in the vineyard, gives us a glimpse of the God who dwells deep within each of us and has made us as we are. We cling to so much, find security in the status quo and so close our lives to the truth of who we are. It is so much easier to see the bad in us and others at the expense of the good.

Not for God: “For me there are no forbidden things, but not everything does good. For me there are no forbidden things, but I am not going to let anything dominate me either”. [1 Cor 6:12]

Just a thought!