32nd Sunday of the Year YearA

It is an awesome thought that just 103 years ago, 15, 16, 17 year old boys were queuing up to lie about their ages and sign up to become a part of the conflict that is known as the First World War. So many of them were to end up a part of a statistic that suggests that, during the 20th Century, 160 Million people died in wars. 160 Million people Worldwide! 

With numbers so vast, it is hard to imagine the scale and devastation experienced across the World. 

103 years ago these were brave , headstrong young men, often ill educated, caught up in groundswell of patriotism. 

As we have seen and read, in so many different portrayals on tv and in literature, what they were to face was terrible. Ill equipped, poorly led by strategically inept leadership, they faced other young men from similar European back- grounds, and the slaughter began. 

A statistic among the 160 Million. And that only a beginning of what was to follow even to this present day.

But we do remember today, their bravery and courage, to enter that conflict in the first place. We remember their families whose husbands, sons did not come home. We remember the service offered by young women some of whom nursed yards from the bombing and gassing. 

103 years on war has changed. Much more sophisticated, but still young men and women die every day.

But lest we forget, blessed are the peacemakers, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Just a thought!