29th Sunday of the Year Year A

I don’t pick up nasty bugs very often, but I have had a cough that has been driving me to distraction this week. People tell me that there is a virus doing the rounds and certainly in the schools staff and pupils have been affected to various degrees. 

Try explaining my malady to the dog, though, he is patient most of the time but there comes the moment when he wants his walk and so he digs me with his nose until I give in.

By Friday, I had had enough of the cough so I went to the chemist to get a bottle of cough syrup in the hope that that might alleviate the symptoms. 

There is quite an array of potions designed to challenge a hacking cough, a bit of a minefield when making the right choice. I found one that sort of described my symptoms and headed to the counter to pay.

Didn’t I get the Pharmacist! Proffering my £4 was not enough. She wanted to know my medical history. She wanted to know what was wrong with me and what wasn’t, my family history and whether I was allergic to animals. There was quite a queue forming and what was meant to be private was shared around the assembling company!

The Pharmacist was right, doing her job, trying to keep me safe. I wasn’t appreciating the fuss. 

There are more and more people in our community who need to be kept safe. We need to make sure they are cared for and they have to let us. But we all need to show each other respect and preserve dignity.

Just a thought!