4th Sunday of the Year Year A

Last Friday, we had a visit in the Holy Spirit Primary School from Archbishop David Moxon. He is an Anglican Archbishop who is the Senior Anglican Bishop in the Vatican. One of his roles is to advise the Pope on matters of Christian Unity. In fact, on Wednesday evening he, Pope Francis and an Eastern Orthodox Archbishop were the three principal celebrants of Vespers to close the Week of Prayer for Unity. Friday afternoon he sat with the children in our school as we celebrated Mass.

What a lovely man. His warmth and humanity made a big impression on our staff and pupils. He came, as he said when speaking to the children, to learn from them just how we practically celebrate unity in our Joint Church school.

How refreshing to find a man in his position who was not only willing to visit Leasowe, he came to see how we put ecumenism into real action in our community and was humble enough to admit that he had come to learn from us.

During the Mass, instead of the sign of peace, the children often send a collective hug to someone special who might be sick or sad. On Friday we sent one big hug from our children to Pope Francis and Bishop David promised to take that to the Pope, personally.

For centuries ecumenism has stalled while theologians argue about the placing of a comma! Our children just get on with it and made this lovely Archbishop smile.

Just a thought!