3rd Sunday of the Year Year A

I have always been political and enjoy the cut and thrust of the political debate. But the recent referendum highlighted the dangers and damage that can be done when political debate is hijacked by those who use rhetoric to frighten people and manipulate common sense into nonsense!

We live in a democracy, where freedom of thought and speech are paramount, but there are so many whose agenda is to remove that freedom.

America appears to be worse. This last Presidential campaign put our referendum into the shade. 

I tried to watch the debate as it progressed but what little debate there was soon drowned in the mire of accusation. Fingers were pointed, individual’s personal lives and peccadillos were hung out for all to see. All this undermined the confidence of ordinary people and the World now waits and watches.

The trouble is that the heart of democracy is about ordinary men and women across the Globe trying to make ends meet, bring up a family to have confidence and enjoy health and happiness. I doubt these core values where high on the agenda in either recent debate.

Let’s make sure that at least in our own lives we work to build a fairer society where honesty and hard work reap a just reward.

Just a thought!