2nd Sunday of the Year Year A

It is really hard to accept the fact that we can be wrong.

From our earliest days our psyches have been prepared so that, with confidence, we can stand up for what we believe to be right and in this so called age of “new” evangelisation, demonstrate that to others. Society, in general, isn’t attuned to weakness, failure is looked on with scorn. so we live in a World where the strong despise the weak.

That is the theory, exercised by so many and is the cause of so much strife in our World. It is the stuff of war, the food of the bully, the heart of family breakdown.

The reality is entirely different, for in the World and our own societies, so many people are unsure but tolerant of others. They don’t feel that they have all the answers and are willing to listen to others in that search for the comfort and security that the truth can bring.

These are the people not taking a single stance on any particular issue, these are open to change, persuasion, they look and listen, hearing not just with ears and weighing up the pros and con, never judging others.

These are the people happy to be wrong once they have discovered that better way that leads them towards the truth. Truth that calms the World.

John the Baptist got it right once he realised who had the truth!

Just a thought!