26th Sunday of the Year Year C

I was in Frankby Cemetery this week and the gravedigger was bemoaning the fact that the grass is still growing at a fast rate of knots even in the second half of September.

We seem to be experiencing balmy weather and warm sun. Plants that should by now be dormant are still in flower. But be careful, there is a nip in the air at night and putting a waterproof in the back of the car, important. The weather will soon turn, and winter is not far away.

The cautious, of course, take nothing for granted. My Mother, whatever the weather, would send us out, as children, bound up in vest, jumper and scarf....till May is out!! 

But caution has its limitations.

The cautious, are often bound up in tradition, focused on what has always been and sure of themselves. The past is the guide to current behaviour.

But, surely, the present moment can say something different to us, and often does. If we fail to see that, we fail to recognise possibilities, and we can miss out.

One of the new Eucharistic Prayers challenges us to be “open to the signs of the times” and that is wise advice. The God of this present moment is the one who is calling us to action, to respond to God’s promptings, and do what is wanted of us, here and now.

It might just mean that we have to fly in the face of caution and take a few risks, but maybe that is how we show God to people.

Just a thought!