25th Sunday of the Year YearC

I used to love the political parties’ Conference Season and it was always interesting to listen to the various debates were policy was explained and the political direction the parties were heading in, defined. I loved the cut and thrust of the debates and the challenge that made politicians accountable to their own people.

Not that any of this rhetoric brought the parties closer to the people they were founded to serve, it just allowed individuals, when the got a chance to speak, to ask for clarity.

To-day’s political Conferences, however, seem to have moved away from facing the reality of the lives of their constituents and have become more introvert. The arguments will not be about others, it is the infighting that will bring the headlines.

Which is such a pity, because while these overpaid politicians fight among themselves, the infrastructure of our Country is crumbling.

Our NHS seems to be in crisis with not enough staff and too few beds.

The numbers of those in our society who stumble into debt through no fault of their own is on the increase. Racism in all its awful hues is growing on a day to day basis, even on the estates in Moreton and Leasowe. More and more families are hungry.

Let’s pray that our politicians begin to realise that they were elected to fight for their constituents, to improve the lot of those who struggle and to help make this World better.

Just a thought!