15th Sunday of the Year Year C

I drove back from Stansted to the Wirral yesterday afternoon, stopping off at Alsager on the way to pick up Peter’s car that we had left there at some unGodly hour the previous Monday. To say that the journey back was frustrating is an understatement. How do people do that? How could anyone, regularly, commute South to North, on our Motorways, Friday after Friday. It was soul destroying.

To put it into context, leaving Alsager at 5.30am on a Monday, even with a stop and traffic on the M11 saw us in to Stansted before 9.30am.

On Friday, I plugged in Tom, my Sat Nav, just before 12.30pm and set the destination which suggested an optimistic arrival time in Alsager of just over 3.5 hours.

We hit the first holdups not that far from the airport on the M11, had a fairly straightforward run up the A14 and free flowing traffic on the M6 Toll until we hit traffic about 25 miles out of Alsager and we just crawled along from there. 5 hours in all!

Then it got worse, Peter had gone off in his car and I was on my own, not even the dog to moan at, for another 1.5 hours crawl on the M6 and M56.

When things are not going our own way we quickly get frustrated, even angry and look to steer a different path, because we know that we can make things better.

In reality, the only thing that makes the difference is Patience. Patience gives us the hope that, no matter how frustrating things are, they will get better, even on the M6!

Just a thought!