17th Sunday of the Year Year C

Our schools have closed now for the summer and, at least in Leasowe, workmen move on to school sites to to undertake maintenance and upgrading works ready for the start of the new term. It might not be so peaceful in Gardenside.

Hopefully for all the staff and parents this will be a time for recuperation. No early starts for a while, no frantic dashing about getting breakfast down children in time for school. This is a precious time when families can spend quality time together, have fun as a family and chill.

If you are getting away on holiday, have a special time together.

Sadly, though, there are an increasing number of families for whom the next 6 weeks will be really difficult. There are many families who simply cannot afford to go away, who will have to stay at home and try to entertain the children during these long weeks.

There are families where, for lots of different reasons, brokenness and separation are a fact. It can be really hard to get away for them, even if funds are available.

The parish tries, with the help of the SVP, to help these families. If you know of a family that is struggling, invite the children round to play. It gives everyone a break. 

But it isn’t just young families that can suffer at this time. For the elderly and housebound it can be a long, hot and lonely summer. When friends and neighbours go away, who calls in to see them. You could!

Just a thought !