14th Sunday of the Year Year C

Another one of those weeks! This time the expectations of so many have been shattered by the reality of the unexpected. No England in the semi-finals, no Belgium either. It has fallen to Wales to lead the way. No Boris heading for No.10, just the repercussions from a nasty dose of back stabbing to fill the headlines. No smooth ride for the Labour Party to enjoy the confusion of so many others.

Some would say that the Nation is in chaos, others might whimsically muse “what’s different!”.

Expectations can be the product of our own egos. We think that we know what we want, how we would like things to turn out because that would make us happy, improve our image, make us wealthier. So often we want things to go only “our way”.

When they don’t, that leads to frustration, disenchantment and downright disappointment. That’s what happens when we put our pride first even at the expense of others needs.

True expectation is the reality that God’s unconditional love is endlessly working in our World making the lives of its peoples better. Our response should be one of wonder, grateful that others are receiving from God the things that they need. 

Putting others first and being amazed at just what God achieves really does make us happy, improves the way we look at life, makes us wealthier in the knowledge of God’s love.

Easter people expect to see God in others, making the World better.

Just a thought!