10th Sunday of the Year Year C

It’s very British to feel a little inadequate, to lack confidence and to refrain from putting ourselves forward. We tend to choose seats, maybe close to the bottom of the table, but perhaps with the hope that someone might just invite us to a higher place. While we like to be asked, accepting the responsibility that position brings with it, makes most people reticent.

But here, there is a shocking reality that should disturb us. Far from letting us take a back seat, God is constantly challenging us to get out into the crowd and prophesy, be that Easter Jesus.

The prophet is the person who hears the voice of God and uses that encouragement to try to change peoples attitudes. Prophets don’t preach, they demonstrate the right way forward even at a cost to themselves, even in the face of the impossible.

That’s not just chosen individuals, all of us. All are called, all are given a prophetic charism and all can change the World.

And that’s the challenge, not just showing the Easter Jesus to people, being the Easter Jesus and making the difference.

The Widow had her son given back to her, Elijah revives the child. Both received the gift of Hope again.

There are times when we face really difficult situations, see so many others struggle. Never lose Hope, accept responsibility and be that Easter Jesus for others. 

It takes courage but it works!

Just a thought!