13th Sunday of the Year Year C

It has been one of those weeks that might just stay in our minds, as the impact of the decision taken by the Referendum begins to impact on our day to day lives.

As in all decisions of this significance, there are no winners and no losers, we all have to wait and see what is to come and work with the consequences. What we can be sure of, though, is that for ordinary working families, life, in the short term, is not going to get any easier, cheaper or more stable. Difficult days are ahead and as ever it will be the most vulnerable that will struggle the most.

What should give us all concern though, is the plight of those millions of displaced peoples in the World to-day who know nothing about “Brexit” but who have little food or shelter and, out of fear for their safety, have had to drag their families away from the familiar to the insecurity of sitting on someones border waiting for the hand of care.

The problem with all the rhetoric that has gone on through the past weeks is that it has confused so many. Economic migration within the European Community has been mixed up with the desperate position peoples from outside the Community find themselves in to-day.

Whether you are now anticipating days of plenty or days of famine after last Thursday, one thing is sure. The hungry refugees, migrants and asylum seekers will be much worse off. As vulnerable people they can take only so much before the crisis as we know it becomes a disaster.

God help these poor people!

Just a thought!