12th Sunday of the Year Year C

Our 1st Communion celebrations are ticking along nicely and over these past weeks it has been lovely to see families joining our Sunday Mass and children’s liturgy, really making an effort to prepare with their children for the “special day”.

There is the danger for all of us, though, that we can take the living love of Jesus for granted.After all, all we need to do is celebrate Mass, Mass that is so readily available for us. We don’t even have to think, just go!

Like so many of the day to day things we have in our lives and that we use on a regular basis, familiarity can breed contempt. We take for granted the daily papers, milk in our tea, the refuse collectors until the moment they don’t arrive, and then our day is turned upside down.

But unlike those day to day commodities, where Eucharist is concerned we are talking about a person not a thing! Our Sunday/weekday celebration of Eucharist is not about the receiving of Communion, rather it is a meeting, a conversation, an opportunity to spend time with the living love of Jesus.

Familiarity, taking people for granted, is the stuff of the ill prepared. If you choose to visit a true friend you make preparation, you look forward, often you take gifts. The time spent together is always fulfilling and you come away looking forward to the next meeting.

As we reflect on Eucharist, we need to be sure that Mass is an opportunity not a chore.

Just a thought!